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20 июл

Star of the summer -Watermelon

Did you know that Red Watermelon is rich in numerous vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, with unique benefits to the body, and even is on the list of the most important sources of lycopene, a carotenoid phytonutrient that improves cardiovascular and bone health?

Besides these benefits, most of you will agree when I say that red watermelon is the star of the Summer, being a perfect dessert that moisturizes and raises your mood!

In order not to extend it much with praise, I will try to tell you about some #benefits of this wonderful fruit, so as to once again congratulate on how generous the «mother nature» is with us!

  •  Contains water and fibre, therefore helps prevent constipation and improves digestive health!
  • May reduce muscle pains and improve recovery time after intensive sports exercises;
  • The red dill contains Vitamin A, which is a plus for our skin conferring firmness to the skin;
  • Protection against heart disease;
  • Initiating the immune system;

  • Help’s with cellulite fight: Cellulite is an inflammatory process and red watermelon is helpful in fighting the «female enemy» due to the high antioxidant intake and the anti-inflammatory effect of the choline found in this fruit!
  • With more than 90% water, it essentially helps to hydrate the body.

Tip: Discard unhealthy commercial juices and consume the sweet and juicy heart of this fruit to hydrate you!