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9 июн

Stevia — natural sugar!

We have to admit that we love the taste of sweetness, but there is a big problem, comes packed with some extra pounds and reprimands of consciousness … It is known that almost everything «sweet» is based on a dangerous ingredient for health and our silhouette:: #Sugar!

What if we could enjoy the sweet taste without consuming sugar? Yes, yes! There is such a thing … Stevia, does it sound familiar? Is a natural sweetener, a low calorie plant and is about 300 times sweeter than traditional sugar! More than that, Stevia is a plant rich in vitamins (B, C and K), mineral salts (potassium, phosphorus, magnum, calcium, iron, zinc).

From my point of view, this sugar substitute is the best discovery, I am happy to have it in my home almost always!

Some benefits of natural “antidote» for sugar:

  • Diabetes — Stevia helps to regulate blood sugar levels, while also stimulating insulin production.
    Obesity Using stevia instead of sugar will eliminate a significant percentage of calories, but it will also reduce dependence on sweets.
  • Dental caries — helps to prevent caries, but also other diseases, such as gingivitis, due to antibacterial properties;
  • Renal infections — administration of stevia stimulates the activity of the kidneys, favouring diuresis and «washing» the whole renal urinary system.

  • Hypertension — Chinese physicians have concluded that «administering the extract of fresh stevia has certain effects in relieving hypertension, being a valuable adjuvant treatment for this condition.»
  • Flu infections — a few glasses of lemonade prepared with lemon juice and stevia (6-10 drops of liquid extract to 300 ml of water) is a great help for colds.
  • Depression — Using stevia as a sweetener instead of sugar has often been shown to have tonic and antidepressant effects, improving the emotional life of depressed patients or those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Anti-cancerous -One of the antioxidants present in stevia, the kaempferol, may reduce, according to studies, the risk of pancreatic cancer by 23%;
  • Is recommended for children; All the toxicology studies done so far have shown no adverse effect on the administration, even long-term, of extracts of stevia.

In conclusion, it is more than wonderful to feel the taste of sweetness and furthermore your health is not jeopardized, and the bathing suit will come well!

More about how sugar can affect you read here: aici!