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21 янв.

Passer-«Elegance comes from Basarabia»

P erhaps you haven’t realized yet, but after «little black» dress one of the most important piece that helps us to form and adopt of several outfit styles is wonderful shirt. Simple, classic and always ready to take us out in the light, it will remain a versatile piece of clothing among the thousands of trends.
That said through the «Elegance comes from Bessarabia», today we present a new brand — PASSER!

14 июля

How do we dress to an event!

All women met with the situation: «I don’t have what to wear!»
Because Paris is a city that offers always a hyperactive life and where all the time we can participate in various events in different areas, we thought to inspire you with our outfit we wore it to a workshop event.

2 июля

Special and casual

Special and casual – colorful and feminine

Starting from the basic principle Strong woman in a dress, Dyo will propose two outfits for the perfect summer dress what can be easy to wear and in which you can show your body out!