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30 Nov

Iodine – health benefits!

Iodine is present in the body in small amounts, but it’s essential for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland, can affect our immune system, change activity of cardiovascular system and airways.
It’s an essential element both in pregnancy and during lactation in order to facilitate the infant neurological development.

23 Nov

Did you have breakfast today?

Do not say you ate cereal with milk … It’s a combination very harmful for the body!
We know that breakfast is called, rightly, the most important meal of the day. Our health and figure needs a balanced and nutritious breakfast. Therefore it is very important what we eat and how we combine foods.

3 Nov

ROOIBOS- a true medicine!

A natural, decaf tea! Although it’s decaf it tastes strong and intense. What is rooibos? The term rooibos comes from African word for “red bush,” referring to the plant whose leaves are picked for this tea.

22 Oct

What is it Psyllium bran?

All those who want to detoxify can try this bran/ miracle seeds . Psyllium contains soluble fiber and insoluble fiber, helping to nourish beneficial bacteria in the colon that contribute to immunity, the synthesis of vitamins of group B and K.